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Whether you want to take extra pride in your home, stand out from the crowd, or feel the need for a change, Luxurian Homes has you covered. 


Wallpaper is capable of making your walls the focus of any room. 
Serving the Coventry and Warwickshire area, we provide a decorating service the meets the Luxurian standard. Having built our reputation being trustworthy and reliable, we want every wall we work on to look their best. 

We ensure your chosen design is bubble and wrinkle-free. We have experience in hanging wallpapers from every top wallpaper designers, and use professional trade adhesives.


We only ask that prior to beginning decorating, you move your furniture to the middle of the room and remove any valuables from the work area. Let us know if you have heavy or large furniture pieces and we can arrange to have a professional move them out of the project area.

We strive to deliver 100% satisfaction from our customers. With Luxurian Homes, you'll have a professional service you can trust. We make the whole process an enjoyable and rewarding experience.