How to Paint Your Home like a Pro - and Some Bonus House Renovation Tips

Updated: Jan 1

When renovating our homes, often the excitement dies down really quick because of poor planning.

One option to counter-act this is to hire professional contractors. A second option is to do it yourself.

Let us first see how to plan your house renovation by hiring professional services.

Following are a few points that you will need to consider, before you start the renovation project.

Make a realistic budget

Any house renovation project should start with a realistic budget. This part is important for ensuring that you do not fall short of funds at any stage of the project. You budget plan should include each and every cost that is involved, right from starting to ending of your project. You will also need to keep some extra money aside as a buffer, in order to cover unforeseen expenses.

Scope of work

After you have arrived at a realistic budget, you will need to define the scope of work to be done. You will need to decide on which tasks are to be done immediately. There should be a proper balance between what you want, against what is possible.

Determine the most important alterations

There can be several tasks or repairs that are unavoidable, like the leaks or cracks on the walls. These repairs should be your top priority. The next thing to do is list out the renovations, which you've always dreamt about. You will need to then decide on all the works that you can possibly do with your pre-determined budget. Try to keep aside some money for possible changes in your calculations.

Have a clear vision

After having done the above mentioned points, you must visualize a clear picture of what will emerge after your renovation project is completed. This can help you decide, if anything else needs to be further added. If your budget does not allow, then maybe you can either delay your project, or remove a few items from your list of things to do.

Understanding what is already around

Now you need to look around and check the present condition of the house. Quite possibly you will find that a few things can be retained, while others might need immediate replacement. This will offer you an opportunity to add a certain things that you had overlooked earlier to achieve your dream project.

What service you need to hire

Now you have to decide what are the various services that you need to carry out your project. Following are a few services that you need to consider:

  • Architect

  • Renovation contractor

  • Interior designer

  • Plumber

  • Electrician

  • Carpenter

  • Painter

  • Etc.

Decide about where to stay during the project

You also need to consider your stay during the execution of your renovation project. Will it be possible for your family to stay in the same house? Will you have to find some other place on rent for a few days?

If you are having your home interiors painted, then it will be better if you find some temporary accommodation elsewhere for a few days. That can help in reducing the movement of things to do the works. You can simply cover them up to avoid paint stain damages.

Doing Home Renovations - The DIY Way

If you have the skills and necessary tools, you could take up some of the home renovation project. Following are the advantages of DIY:

  • You will be in complete control of your house remodeling project.

  • You can do it at your own pace.

  • You can surely save a lot of money.

  • You will know every minute detail of your project. In future, you will not need professional services for repairs and maintenance.

  • You will feel the sense of satisfaction and achievement after completing the job.

We are living in the age of the internet. You can easily find endless resources, tutorials, and guides on how to do things yourself. You can find blog posts and videos for step-by-step instructions, so that you will know how exactly to proceed, in case you are stuck.

The basic rule is that you must undertake the projects that you feel quite comfortable and confident about completing. However, the only condition is that you will need to have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the project.

Some of you may be good at painting, and also enjoy doing that, while some of you may be good at carpentry jobs, etc. You can surely save money by handling such home improvement tasks all by yourself.

However, while taking up any DIY project, you must ensure the following few things:

  1. Be confident about delivering the same kind of output that you expect from professionals on the same job.

  2. Make sure that you have enough time to do the job all by yourself. It should not affect your profession or business in any way, which is your main source of earning.

  3. Have some skill or the right skills as well as passion to take up the activity. If you are in the same profession, then it will be great.

  4. You must know the right techniques for doing a particular job. These projects can also help you improve your skills.

  5. Have all the necessary tools and equipment to handle the tasks. If not, make sure you buy or hire the necessary tools first.

Most of the home renovation projects like loft extension, plumbing, carpentry, metal fabrication work, waterproofing, and electrical works are complex. You will require high level of expertise and expensive tools to do them.

Home painting is of the jobs that you can seriously consider doing on your own. It does not require high level skills and expertise. With basic knowledge and right tools, you can do the job as good as any professional.

Painting Your Home like a Pro - the DIY Way

After you have completed most of the remodeling tasks, the final work that remains is the painting of your house.

Following are a few tips to take up the repainting task.

Buy the Required materials

If you want to see the best results, the use of good quality materials is very important. You can do some research to find the best paints that you can buy for your particular budget. You will also have to calculate the volume of paint and primer in order to complete the job. If you are planning to paint the doors and windows, get different types of paints and polishes.

You can discuss about it with your local suppliers and ask for price quotes. It is better if you contact multiple suppliers and compare the quality and prices for best deals. Don’t try to save too much money while buying the materials. Your final finish will largely depend upon the quality of paints and tools you use. Choose the colours and shades after discussing with others in your home.

Get all the necessary tools for the job

After buying the paint, you must ensure that you have all the necessary tools to get the job done. Some of the important ones:

  • Paint rollers - You can apply better and even coatings on the wall with the paint rollers than with the brushes. However, you will still need a few brushes for painting smaller spaces like wall corners, window frames, grills, etc. Get some brushes if the walls have rough finishing.

  • Paint roller extension poles - Choose the extension poles depending on the height of your ceilings. If you have a ladder, then you could buy shorter extension poles.

  • Drop cloths - Cover the areas where you could spill the paint. By using the drop cloths, you will minimize the clean-up job in the end. Use these drop cloths over the floor and also on your furniture, so that they do not get stained with the drips.

  • Paintbrushes - Get some paintbrushes for working in the some places where it is difficult with the rollers. Brushes give the finishing touches around lighting fixtures and electrical boards. They are also useful for giving small touch-ups on the walls.

  • Paint tray - You will need the paint tray for dipping the painting rollers, as it helps in avoiding spills and wastage. It allows for lesser clean-ups after the job.

  • Sandpaper - Scrape off the old paint before getting started. Sand paper and flat putty blades will help in removing the old paint layers off the wall.

  • Painter's tape - Prep the place by sticking tapes to avoid the overflow of paints across the boundaries. It is also useful for sealing small edges where the drips could land when you do the work.

  • Putty Blades - Get these blades or knives for scrapping out the peels, for mixing thick primer pastes to cover the cracks, and for many other finishing touches.

Plan carefully

You'll have to plan to our home painting meticulously, so that others and you at your home will not have to put up with too much of inconvenience. If you are unable to find alternative accommodation during your project, you will have to break up the project according to different sections of your home.

Since you are in change of handling the project yourself, you need not push yourself too hard to complete all the works in just 3 or 4 days. You can plan on doing 1 or 2 rooms, once in every 3 to 4 days. That will also give you time to move around the things, and set them back again.

You can start with your bedrooms, after removing the cots and placing them elsewhere at your home. You can move them back after the bedroom paint dries. You can then paint up the living room and dining room in the next session. If you have multiple bathrooms and toilets, you could do one at a time, so that at least one bathroom will be available for use.

You could finally paint your kitchen after moving out all the appliances and utensils to some other area in your home. You can setup a temporary place for cooking, until the kitchen paint dries up.

After completing your home painting, you can go for the exteriors and the fencing wall. Make sure that you do the exteriors during the warm and dry days. You can get more work done in a day, if others in your family also participate in your DIY project. Kids love to paint the fencing walls.

Do a thorough inspection and preparation

There may be many areas on the walls that are cracked, peeled or flaked. You will need to treat them first by sanding or scrapping, before getting to the paint job.

Protect those things that you don’t want to paint

It is important to spend some time to cover all those areas like your floors, various hardware, and furniture, before you start your painting jobs. Always carry a wiper in your hand, in case you want to wipe a few drops from here and there.

Use the primer

You must always use a primer before applying the paint. If the wall is more than 8 years old, then you will need to apply a thicker coating of primer, before you apply the final paint coating.

Mix the paint

You can learn about the mixing of paints with your supplier. Buy paints from the same brand to maintain the uniformity of shades all across the rooms. You will need wooden sticks for mixing the paints. Don’t forget to re-stir the mix, when you resume painting after a break.

Be systematic

Make sure you do one wall at a time and complete it, before moving on to the next wall. You will need to cover the paint under damp cloth to prevent them from drying. Don’t waste too much time between each wall of the same room, in order to ensure that the finishing looks uniform and seamless.


Ensure proper ventilation and give sufficient time for the drying process. You can wait for a couple of days more even after the paint dries, especially if your dislike the smell of newly painted walls.


DIY home painting is always an exciting project. You will surely feel the sense of achievement after the completion of your project. Don’t forget the safety of your family members, especially infants and old people. Plan well on how you can keep them away from the areas of your home where the project work is in progress.

Best of luck and don't forget to enjoy every moment of your project.

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