Interior design for your home

What is interior design?

More than creating nice and fashioned home environments for people, interior design is about optimizing space, natural lighting and organization, it’s about making functional, easy to live, comfortable and appealing a place where people will have pleasure to come again and again.


Céline Valantin, designer at La Chaise Bleue Interior Design, in her own words

Over time, with work and determination, through wanderings and travels, with openness and inspiration, I collected ideas for everything on everything. I shaped an identity, a style.

Art and design studies take time, but last forever.

My reflection never stops. When visiting, I put continuously into perspective the spaces, layout, materials, colors with uses and features of the place.

I chose to install my company “La Chaise Bleue Interior Design” in England at Royal Leamington Spa.

The mix of cultures, art, aspirations and trends are vibrant and stimulating.

Each new project is different, exciting, beginning with a meeting: people, place, dreams, expectations… and a special bond of trust to build.


For residential projects,

I work to improve the livability and comfort of a space, and enhance everyday life in the most aesthetic way.

lounge area

Home staging is the art of preparing a private residence for sale.

It aims to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and/or for a higher price.

In the end, it’s all about showcasing the home at its very best, maximize its appeal to buyers.


Home makeover

is a full interior design process with a small budget, using things you already own with new ones for a good effect, rather than a full-on bespoke interior.

Therefore, you can get a total redesign of your home keeping your personality on a more affordable budget, still with the expertise and style of an interior designer.


Bespoke interior design

is a total change for the house you already live in or for the house you just bought.

Everything starts with customer’s needs, requirements and desires. After that, we’ll work together to transform the dream in reality and create his ideal home.

Furthermore, each project is different, and a unique collaboration between designer and client.

In the end, it’s tailored to client’s timescale and budget.

Kitchen design

Every project involves several contractors and builders who must work together.

The more consultation between the client and the contractors, the more the result will be profitable, fast and successful.

You are always free to take charge of site coordination yourself or hire a project manager.


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